Travel Safety

In An Event Of An Emergency At Kamakura


At Kamakura, there are “Guidelines for tourists for protocols against earthquake and a tsunami” during an event of an emergency. 
To enjoy Kamakura, please take a look at the following to be prepared for the unexpected.

Disaster Prevention and Safety Email

In an event of a disaster, information will be announced through the radio for disaster prevention administration. Prior registration is required in order to receive the same information via email. 

Registeration URL

Register through the link below and follow its directions.

Public Announcements During Disasters

Here are some sources to stay up to date with announcements
Official Radio , Disaster Safety Information Email, Public Announcement Mobile, Kamakura Cable TV, Kamakura FM, Kamakura City Homepage, Twitter, Facebook, Updates through major news outlets 

For more details, check the “Earthquake Tsunami Tourist Guidelines”.