Kamakura’s Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Options (As of Jan. 2022)


We now live in an era where most things require internet access. For your travel convenience, here is a list of some free Wi-Fi options within the Kamakura area.

< Kamakura_Free_Wi-Fi_2 >

「Kamakura_Free_Wi-Fi_2」is a service offered by Kamakura City and is a free Wi-Fi service for both tourist and emergencies. The Wi-Fi can be connected at major stations such as Kamakura Station or Kitakamakura Station.

《How to connect》


1. Select the SSID
2. Open your browser, and register your email or social media account
3. After agreeing with the Terms and Conditions, enjoy your free Wi-Fi

《Areas of Connection》
Kamakura Station Entrance(East Gate・ West Gate)
Kitakamakura Station (Station Front Public Square、Enkakuji Entrance)
Hase Eki
Ofuna Station(East Gate・West Gate Deck)
Kamakura City Hall Kamakura City Official Learning Center

Each connection gives 30 minutes (15 minutes during emergencies). However, there is no daily connection limit.

< Kamakura_Free_Wi-Fi >

「Kamakura_Free_Wi-Fi」is a service created by the City of Kamakura for tourist use and is offered at 35 locations including various hotels, restaurants, temples, etc.

《How to connect》

SSID: Kamakura_Free_Wi-Fi

1.Select the SSID.
2. Open your browser.
3. Agree with the Terms and Conditions.
4. Enjoy your free Wi-Fi.


Time Limit》
Each connection gives you up to 30 minutes. However, there is no max times you can connect again.

< JR-EAST_FREE_Wi-Fi > Service From Japan Railway East Co.

JR-EAST_FREE_Wi-Fi is a free Wi-Fi service offered by Japan RailWay East. and is targeted for international tourists. 

《How to connect》
1.Select the SSID
2. On your screen, a set of directions will pop up.
3. After following the directions, agree with the Terms and Conditions.
4. Enjoy your Wi-Fi.

Areas close to Kamakura Station Eastern Ticket Gate such as 「5 CROSSTIES COFFEE」

《Time Limit》
Each single connection gives up to 3 hours but you can reconnect unlimited times.

Major Cafe Retail Wi-FI Service near Kamakura Station

Starbucks Wi-Fi

One of the globally known Seattle based coffee shops. There are three Starbucks shops within Kamakura City. 

《How to connect?》

1. Select the SSID
2. Open your browser and agree with the Terms and Conditions
3. Enjyo your free Wi-Fi

《Starbucks Shops in Kamakura Area》
Kamakura Store – 4 minute walk from East Exit of JR Kamakura Station
Kamakura Onarimachi – 5 minute walk from West Exit of JR Kamakura Station
Ofuna Lumine Wing Store – 3 minute walk from East Exit JR Ofuna Station

《Time Limit》

Each connection last for 1 hour.

For more details:Starbucks Wi-Fi


Within Kamakura city, there are three McDonald’s shops.

《How to connect?》

1. Select the SSID:   00_MCD-FREE-Wi-Fi
2. On your browser, sign up using your email address or social media account
3. Agree with the Terms and Conditions.
4. Enjoy your Free Wi-Fi.

《Time Limit》
Each connection last for 1 hour.

《McDonald’s in Kamakura Area》
Kamakura Station Location 
Ofuna Location 

For more details:McDonald’s Wi-Fi 

Excelsior Cafe

A Japanese Coffee Franchise shop centering around Italian Espresso. There is one store at Kamakura Station East Side.

《How to connect》

1.Select the SSID: DOUTOR_FREE_Wi-Fi
2.On your browser agree with the terms and conditions
3.Enjoy your free Wi-Fi

《Excelsior Cafe in Kamakura Area》
Kamakura East Exit Store

For more details: DOUTOR_FREE_Wi-Fi 

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